Six months after his sister’s death, seventeen-year-old Freddie Monroe is still reeling from the loss as if it were yesterday. More than anything, Freddie hasn’t been able to forgive himself for not being there the night Kaylee took her own life. He remains consumed by the notion that he failed to protect his younger sister.

At his therapist’s recommendation, Freddie finds himself going through Kaylee’s bedroom, sifting through her things and clinging to her memory.

Searching for answers.

When Freddie first stumbles across Kaylee’s diary, he hesitates to open it, unwilling to break the sibling code of privacy, even in death. But once he finds the courage to delve into its pages, he realizes he didn’t know his younger sister as well as he thought.

What secrets was Kaylee hiding? If she had confided in Freddie, could he have saved her?

The more Freddie uncovers, the more he realizes the truth is nothing like it seems.